Publisher: Playdigious
Version: 2.0
Class: Adventure
Measurement: 284MB
Update: February 1-5, 20 20 in 2:26 am
Offered by: Google Play

Teslagrad — Talking in regards to the activity experience, avid gamers aren’t any stranger to matches motivated from the Metroid sequence and Castlevania. When you’ve ever played with Diamond Rush, you’re probably familiar with moving onto a huge plank, crossing over many barriers to make it to the end stage. In every single doorway of Diamond Rush can be confined with all certain conditions as to amass enough secrets, needs to be stone,…. Subsequently Your match collection in Metroid and Castlevania possess precisely the Exact features as Diamond Rush. And Teslagrad was published the demonstration by Playdigious far too. Ever since that time, a lot more than 1.6 million copies are published over the PC, S O Playdigious has obtained it being a spring board for achievement at the cell phone industry.

A hand-drawn magnetic mystery

Teslagrad can be just a blend of 2nd platformer and mystery solver. From the match, you play with Teslamancer. The realm of Elektropia includes a renowned liberty king, judgment that the kingdom by electrical power ahead. Technological wizards generated a huge Teslagrad tower at the exact middle of the metropolis, however, the king wrecked the cult. A mysterious conspiracy has surfaced and also the Teslamancer becomes trapped up, you’re armed with engineering and utilize it in order to over come many challenges that are odd. The storyline of this match is generally visible and visual, so perhaps not cut-scenes or phrases.


Much like the Diamond Rush match, it’s necessary for you to maneuver on a big mapovercome barriers to unlock different spots and keep investigating. The entranceway into one different screen takes one to amass weapons or tools in order have the ability to move. Your personality is able to move around in quite a few means to conduct, leap and need to fix certain requirements from this match. Some moments will probably possess enemies which only signature you might need to engage in , and therefore you want to restrain the Teslamancer movement fast.

Additionally, quite a few barriers ask that you stick to the illness, inducing to make use of greater “brain” to become performed via the entranceway. The tornado may allow you to move upward , therefore make decent usage of this avoid cross or enemies barriers. The blue or black reddish boxes is going to undoubtedly be the mechanics that you utilize it in order to proceed by way of different locations. Hues are associated with gaming attributes, however below are some perceptible powers. Pay care to prevent white pollutants, you can perish. The most important character features a number of abilities that are strange, therefore utilize these abilities consequently.


Teslagradare well-designed 2 d contours, graphics, and impacts, together with more than one hundred hand-painted scenes from the traditional Western fashion. M bar is accepted from the mode of Russia, attracting in a brand new adventure, additional appealing. All things from the match can be portrayed almost all of time, discovering the narrative at the match will probably ask that you play and think with a good deal. The map is extremely wideand therefore permit ‘s research and research. At the match isn’t going to reveal much as you only proceed therefore that the minimalist exhibit increases the overall game region that gamers practical experience.


This really is actually a fresh merchandise of Playdigious, Teslagrad have been officially published. However, together with the allure of this match, it surely deserves to be more very experienced. Mystery testimonies are all awaiting for you personally, want one to know and also research. The match will be analyzed and you’re able to pre-register to get 30 percent off. Benefit from this optimal/optimally enjoyment.

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