Johnny Bonasera 3

Johnny Bonasera 3

Johnny Bonasera 3

Version: 1.09
Class: Adventure
Measurement: 98MB
Update: December 1 3, 20-19 in 2:02 am
Offered by: Google Play

If you’re questioned by somebody, who’s that the individual who you like the maximum, then possibly the solution would soon function as own mother? Yesshe actually is actually the person that gave birth to me personally, that lifted mepersonally, also I won’t allow anybody harm my own mother. But, Johnny Bonasera’s mum from the Johnny Bonasera 3 match was contested by means of a set of extraterrestrial beings. You’re experiencing very miserable and want your assistance. Are you currently ready to aid him?


Johnny Bonasera 3is the third largest version from the Johnny Bonasera sport show made by Rafael Garca. Inside this version, the narrative of this match proceeds to revolve round Johnny Bonasera — a boy regularly bullied with groups of gangsters. After resurrection on the gang, Johnny Bonasera had been held in the authorities station and interrogated quite a few issues. Regrettably, whilst he had been in custody, even a set of extraterrestrial beings came arrested his mommy. Johnny Bonasera intends to flee police channel and move to Hangar to borrow a space-ship, rescuing his mommy. But he had been immature to generate the travel this moment; point.

Back in Johnny Bonasera 3, then you are going to follow Johnny Bonasera and perform anything else to support him rescue his mommy. The travel you’re just about to begin together with the auto footage as soon as the authorities officer is turning you back and all the thugs concerning the channel to explore. You might need to consider a solution to escape, even whereas law enforcement ceased in Saloon, a favourite beer store that’s very popular. Right here, collaborate using the shop keeper, and place the medication from the beverage, inducing individuals to overeat which means that you may escape. From then on, you have to amass several things to decode the mystery of this match.

The very first thing for you will be always to unlock your toilet variety 1 9, found close into this Saloon beer store. From the bathroom 19, there’s really a 4-digit code, and that’s the next question you want to response to begin with your travel to work out a space-ship at Hangar. Johnny Bonasera 3 game-play is a very exceptional mixture of puzzle and adventure game. You’ll go into distinct destinations, accumulate things, keep in touch with different personalities, and also utilize logic skills, and linking matters to decode puzzles. The controllers are rather instinctive; you want to get different characters or objects. A interactive port may pop up foryou to pick.


Johnny Bonasera 3 keeps the 2 d picture stage, revived such as the prior versions. The environmental surroundings and also surroundings have been sketched and picked using appropriate colours. Even though images look notably easy, developed hand-drawn . however, it really is what causes this match longer particular. In contrast to prior versions, Johnny Bonasera 3 includes a broad travel and also more profound storyline. Invite gamers to utilize logic to fix the conditions the match presents, as opposed to simply battling, and revenge on the thugs who bullied me . Johnny is awaiting for assistance in the to save his mommy, down load this match also to follow Johnny!