GRIS (Full Version)


Publisher: DevolverDigital
Version: 1.0.0
Class: Adventure
Measurement: 600M
Update: April 2, 20 20 in 9:42 pm
Offered by: Google Play

The recent online games are for the most part devoted to supplying gamers a refreshing experiencing from your very first time for all gamers to relish. Such online games really are often just equipped to play with along with truly feel enjoyable to get a limited while which will be exactly what now ‘s matches attract. Although maybe not all matches are all similar to this; probably the very noticeable is that the match GRIS– a match targeted toward the gamers ‘ emotions.

Players will accompany her on the journey to find her voice and use it to rescue all those who have the same fate.

The mystery comes from the plot

At the beginning of the game, the player saw the image of Gris standing on a hand of a female statue, but then it was broken. She had fallen into an endless space, where everything was destroyed to begin her journey here. Players will find that in this world, there are no pitfalls or monsters for players to fight. All that the game has, it’s an endless gray and loneliness that covers Gris and the players playing the game. The game does not have any lines from the characters, so the player will not know exactly the plot of the game when playing the game. Thanks to that, players can build their own stories from which to enjoy the game on their own.

Journey to find her voice

The task of the player when coming to the game is to help Gris to find her voice. On this journey, there are no pitfalls or anything to endanger the player. All that the player needs to do is collect stars to join them into paths to help the player go to the next place. Every time the player comes to a place that contains orbs, the player will change the color of this world once to make it brighter.

Overcoming yourself

The climax of the game is when the player reaches the final point of this journey and receives her voice. But at this moment, you were devoured by a monster, and she awoke in a black and mud ocean. She was trying to swim to get out of here, but the monster didn’t permit it to come about. She needed to work with her singing voice to wake up the statue and then over come the complete battle of this match. No body knew the creature wasmaybe it had been that the girl , that symbolized that a man ‘s unwanted thoughts.

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