Gladiator Glory (MOD, Money/Stupid Bots)

Version: 4.2.1
Class: Fighting
Measurement: 80MB
Update: April 2-9, 20 20 in 12:41’m
Offered by: Google Play

Colisee Arena is among those destinations which brings lots of tourists from Rome, Italy which would be certainly the greatest stadium built at the time scale of early Rome. It absolutely was adapting over 50 million men and women and is still just one of those buildings having beautiful Roman architecture in existence now. Here you will find lots of bloody scenes, even where both fighters and slaves battled eachother to function as a pastime to its royal family members. Might it be ferocious to listen? Gladiator Glory will need you straight back into the Roman age, also watch that this damn pastime amusement.


Gladiator Gloryis placed at the duration of this developing Roman kingdom, turning round damn areas, combined by slaves. Even the nobles and landlords flipped into the natives they purchased to loath musicians, engaged in mortal conflicts from the stadium, bringing amusement into this judgment category. The guidelines of this conflict were commissioned that just 1 man survived plus they’d be published. You unwittingly come to be part with the damn entertainment arena; you also enhance your expectation of escaping out of captivity and ruining usually the person who attracted one into the particular world of hell. The one factor you’ve got is love with all the blood stained S-word. Would you live and meet your revival objectives?

Love arousing historical Roman conflicts within Coliseum stadium

As mentioned, you are going to wind up a warrior, even at the procedure for escaping from captivity. You might need to combat countless additional wicked gladiators to achieve your ends. The assignment system can cause you deep in the storyline, requiring one to various lands in Rome. This usually means that you are going to have great deal of complications. For this reason, you have to learn the abilities to struggle and also upgrade your own equipment. The system provides you a conflict games console, which include a digital switch and also two capacities: assault and shield, respectively, both the blade emblem and then shield within the most suitable corner of this display screen.

After you tap on the defense icon, then the more personality will soon set the protector to block the strike, then click the sword icon to unleash injury to the enemy. Even though you’ll find only two abilities, even whenever you incorporate it using elastic motion, then it is going to make combos which is likely to produce the competitor incapable to counter attack. About updating gear, the personality will probably have fundamental equipment like armor, shields, as well as even weapons. You may utilize the bonuses out of the conflicts you obtained to up grade gear, and enhance features. The more complicated the standard, the higher your personality will probably possess, assisting you to to resist the enemy at the stadium. In any case, the system additionally provides tens of thousands of different sorts of gear from armor, shields, weapons… Many precious and rare stuff has rather substantial possessions, also you’ll be able to purchase them buying in merchants. , or finish a collection tough actions.


Gladiator Glory supplies players having a 3 d images desktop computer, using amazing digital camera angles and even unusually sharper graphics. The surroundings is masterfully staged, so the plan and colour scheme are extremely careful and delicate, providing gamers the sensation of return into the Roman phase. In any case, the treatment of bodily movements is likewise great, offering a sleek texture. Side impacts may also be contained, together with music and also the noise of this crash, supplying an atmosphere of unreality. In general, Gladiator Glory can be a superior roleplaying game, in three facets of drama, story, and images. Gladiator Glory claims to provide you amazing entertainment moment, don’t overlook this.

MOD Info?

After launching the match, just click the round button towards the very top left to start out up the menu mod at which it’s possible to empower dumb robots (use soon after training).

Infinite Money
Tips: Turn away online link before enjoying

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