European War 4: Napoleon (MOD, Medals)

European War 4 Napoleon

Publisher: EasyTech
Version: 1.4.16
Classification: Strategy
Measurement: 67M
Update: November 8, 20-19 in 6:41 pm
Offered by: Google Play

The foundation of humankind is definitely related to all the wars of condemnation one of states. Whether Europe, Asia or even America, wars have been always happening and tend to ruin. Heroes, genius armed forces leaders,… course people today appear together with attempts from heritage. Are you really currently interested in army thoughts, transformations, plans to go positions one of states,…? Come back to European War 4: Napoleon and go through the most surprises which it attracts for your requirements!

6 War Zones and 8-4 Campaigns

After you take part within the match, you are going to play with a controlling general of this armed forces. You’ve got absolute control within your own army; your duty is always to make it and utilize your own military to carry more than states. However, can it be easy as you might think?

Historical landmarks mimicked within this match would be the time scale of armed forces genius Napoleon Bonaparte, by the next half the seventeenth-first 1 / 2 the century. You may pick which battle that you would like to combine: Europe, Asia or even America. You would like to combine will probably correspond with all the several generals. And every general might have distinct degrees and roots, and slowly you may take them into the end point: for example, by a Usual soldier into some Fantastic overall out of the commoner into some top emperor,

They’re arranged in line with this deadline and each and every historical landmark, the position of this army of the nation is always evolving. You may decide to turn into the dominating of almost any of 42 nations. Iff that’s the nation, you’re able to organize the generals in to diverse corpses. You have to become always a keen strategist as not only will your own country shift, but also the entire world is shifting inside its own historical purchase. You may understand huge channels of Europe or even America, exceptionally detailed armed forces elements of states plus so they are able to alter continually.

Nations are divided by color-bounded boundaries, and also each has various strengths and immunity (infantry, artillery, etc.). Your military will struggle in-turn; the aim may be that the channel of the nation close to. Both sides will probably soon be right and input the actual conflict, just whenever the enemy wrecked and you’re able to enlarge the land. Nevertheless, the broader the land, the more thinner the more force would be still. When assaulted, it’s going to soon be hard to resist. Which means you’ve got to always build a military, utilize the profits of each and every success to seek the services of generals to function the military, obtain advanced level weapons and also receive assistance from those things at the shop. Successfully protecting men and women and beating different states, you may take to to have the impression of military genius ever sold!


The match contains quite thrilling simulation images. You want analyzing a plan map at the manner of this chess board from the Harry Potter picture. Each of Europe had been recorded from a huge map, and also the temptations of most nations as well as their arenas were tremendously convincingly portrayed. The writer was tremendously effective in simplifying the spectacle of ancient struggles in a exact attractive method.


Are you really currently a individual with a passion for the history? Or does one only desire to have the impression of this armed forces genius? Utilize your amazing tactical capability to attract glory into the nation, the excitement and challenge of European War 4: Napoleon MODis unquestionable.