DOKDO (MOD, free shopping)

  • Publisher: Zzoo
  • Version: 1.16.6
  • Classification: Strategy
  • Measurement: 40M
  • Offered by: Google Play

Jack Sparrow isn’t a stranger into those men and women who adore the famed Pirates of the Caribbean film show generated by Bruckheimer. He’s famous for his intellect, insidious, and also capacity to negotiate. In any case, Jack Sparrow is just one among Brethren’s 9 dominates, managing both seas. Confident, the moment on your own life you want to become talented man like Jack, overlook ‘ you?

Sometimes, when you take down some opponents, they will drop the treasure, and that is your chance to have a lot of valuable resources.

This resource is used to upgrade your ship, and to make your army more powerful. However, you can not perform the progress in the ocean surface. Look for the islands where the harbor is located. Please lower the anchor and begin the upgrade process. There are five significant upgrades, corresponding to HP, Speed, Turning, Damage and Catch. You need to upgrade all these stats equally. If you have high damage stats, but the speed is too low, the enemies will destroy your ship easily. Because they are faster than you and your team can’t pursue them. With just about every update will surely cost a whole lot of gold and also the seeds from your storage. You may get significantly more stone by amassing paintings, or beating different competitions; around fishes, then you’ve got to simply take yourself during your sailing. Only fishing and fighting at the completely free moment you could live a thrilling life !

DOKDO includes just two chief ways of drama, Story Mode along with Arena Battle style. From the narrative style, the troubles can be found inside the system; you might need to fill out the particular jobs in every single degree. Stadium Battle style will simply take one into the World Arena, at which in fact the conflicts of captains of earth engaged to demonstrate their own venture abilities.


At this time you can grow to be a priest and also comprehend the desire dominating the ocean together with DOKDO. With amazing images, together with superior gameplay, then you are going to be participated in ferocious struggles to contend on your land. Down load this particular game for warfare, don’t not permit different men and women possess the chance to reduce your fantasy.