Candy Crush Friends Saga (MOD, Unlimited Lives/Moves)

Candy Crush Friends Saga

Chocolate Crush Friends Saga (MOD, Unlimited Lives/Moves)

Publisher: King
Version: 1.36.5
Classification: Logic
Measurement: 101M
Update: April 30, 20 20 in 6:59 pm
Offered by: Google Play

Steak Crush Friends Saga –Diamond match celebrity is a part of this genre. But a number of different classes like this style. Having a match of 3 colours of exactly the exact same coloration, in addition to the eye-popping images, amazing results and interesting, it’s maybe not tough to find addictive diamonds into this Character ‘ office during the entertainment hours.

At higher levels, you will have to break the jelly or pie to collect special candy, you need to give yourself the perfect arrangement to have the candy that has maximum power when the Very limited. If you are close to completing the goal, but the remaining turns are not enough for you to solve, use the additional options suggested below, or you can use gold to buy more.

More 100 new challenges

To get the gold, you have to log in to your facebook or social networking account, which also helps you save the process of playing if you have to change the device or in some cases do not occur. Each day, you have 5 available to play again, if exceeded, you have to wait to be able to return to play. But you can interact with your friends through the game, thanks to them give the game and some small gifts to help you play better.

The special thing for the Friends Saga is different from the rest, so you can play up to four levels of character at a time. Each character, each level has different characteristics. After 10 levels of play, you will receive a gift box, inside an experienced gift box to level up each character in the game. Lolipop candy is one of the most destructive tablets, if you have other pills, using lolipop for other pills will help you to finish the level and get higher scores. Later on, the higher the level of the star, the more points you have, just complete the task, so be careful when arranging the candy and use them appropriately.

Cute 3D graphics

King’s products are designed with attractive graphics, beautiful and fun. Finishing details of the game are very high, effects, images are very beautiful. When arranging candies of great length will have very nice effects, do not make you feel boring. m bar is also very catchy, stimulating your experience. The operation interface is easy to understand, beautiful and intuitive.

As one of King’s products, the Candy Crush Friends Saga is carefully crafted, just like its predecessors. If you are a fan of diamond games, you can not ignore the Candy Crush Friends Saga. Really worth to try‚Ķ careful “dependence ” it!

MOD Info

Limitless Moves
Unrestricted Lives

Obtain NOW (101M)